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Vulnerability Scanning & Management


Stay ahead of Network Vulnerabilities by leverage our expertise to deliver valueable context and actionable insights.

Most security breaches exploit known and well documented vulnerabilities. This makes having a well defined process in place to manage vulnerabilities crucial.

The first stage in managing vulnerabilities is a scan to assess what potential vulnerabilities and risks you currently have. Testing and scanning can help identify these vulnerabilities, predict their likelihood, and assess the possible impact if they were to be exploited.

The findings from these scans can then be used to implement corrective measures to help shape your Cyber Security Strategy and ensure you and your data stay secure.

Cynergy SafeScan provides vulnerability scanning services and management tools for both internal & external targets as well as web applications. This will help to ensure you know of any vulnerabilities in your Cyber Security landscape and how to rectify them.


  • Identify any vulnerability  
  • Peace Receive advise on how to prioritise the risk  
  • Defence against common exploits used by the majority of bad actors
  • Insightful reporting
  • Meet compliance requirements 
  • Save time and resources when remediating vulnerabilities with prioritised results
  • Choose between ad-hoc or scheduled scanning for continuous defence


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