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Today’s cloud and on premise hybrid network environment is a potential minefield of vulnerabilities and hacking possibilities. To ensure business continuity it is imperative that companies run regular vulnerability checks to identify and eliminate potential weaknesses. Blue Cube Security’s service team Cynergy can provide vulnerability scanning, for both internal and internet facing targets. We can also provide a Vulnerability Management tool for you to use or we can help by using your current license.

Types of vulnerability scan

Perimeter Vulnerability scans

The perimeter usually represents the largest attack surface where the infiltration process starts by identifying vulnerable services.

There is no requirement to install any equipment on-site, with all scans being conducted either from the cloud-based services or from Blue Cube Security premises.

The perimeter scan can also be used to identify which IP addresses (targets) are active in the perimeter.

Internal Vulnerability Scans

Internal scans are used for two main reasons

  1. To map out internal networks and systems
  2. To identify vulnerable systems within the organisation’s perimeter


Web Application Scans

Vulnerability scans focus on identifying vulnerability with installed products but Web Application Scans focuses on web applications by scanning the code that is presented for web-based vulnerabilities.

Blue Cube Security Services offered

Ad-hoc scans

One of scans to get a snapshot of your current vulnerability status

Scheduled Scanning

Scheduled scans to occur at intervals from daily to monthly with alerts set up for when anything is discovered. 


Executive summary or report

A list of vulnerabilities discovered

Details on how to resolve the vulnerabilities 

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