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Thales e-Security

Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years experience securing the world’s most sensitive information.  Our customers—businesses, governments, and technology vendors with a broad range of challenges—use Thales products and services to improve the security of applications that rely on encryption and digital signatures.

By protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information that flows through today’s traditional, virtualised, and cloud-based infrastructures, Thales is helping organisations;

  • reduce risk
  • demonstrate compliance
  • enhance agility
  • pursue strategic goals with greater confidence

The best data protection strategies minimize compliance cost and complexity.

  • Organisations are required to comply with government regulations or industry mandates related to privacy and data protection—including disclosing data breaches when they occur.
  • Ideally, compliance should be a straightforward byproduct of implementing an effective data protection solution and compliance processes should add minimal overhead to an organisation’s data protection efforts.
  • Our expertise enables us to design solutions that reduce the scope and cost of your compliance efforts while protecting the information on which the organisation and its auditors rely.

Thales Data Security

Data protection must be both secure and efficient.

  • Great data protection solutions are designed with the practical needs of today’s dynamic organisations in mind. Processes must require minimal human intervention, have minimal impact on performance or data availability and adapt easily as business processes change and scale over time.
  • Products from Thales deliver both high assurance and operational efficiency to increase your organisation’s agility and minimise cost of ownership.
  • Organisations no longer must choose between, a) simple, straightforward security that does not deliver sufficient protection and b) security solutions that offer high levels of protection but are complex and cumbersome, leading to higher TCO.

Data protection is all about the data

  • Organisations manage many different kinds of data on a daily basis—some of it highly sensitive, some not sensitive at all. An organisation’s most sensitive data requires increasingly stringent protection from loss and from outsider and insider attacks.
  • Today’s highly integrated systems, organisations that want to protect sensitive data must know where it is stored, how and where it moves, and which applications use it—then design a protection strategy that follows the data.

Thales e-Security

Cryptography protects data effectively only if keys are secure and well managed.

  • From low-volume, infrequently used applications to high-volume, on-demand applications, cryptographic keys are a critical component of an organisation’s ability to protect data from malicious attack while ensuring ensure that the data is ready for use when needed.
  • Stolen keys can lead to data theft, key loss can lead to completely unusable data and inefficient key management can degrade application performance.  Thales provides solutions that manage keys efficiently and effectively to improve security, performance, and business continuity.
  • Cryptographic processes implemented in software are only as secure as the access to that software or the system on which it resides.
  • With the rise of insider attacks and innovative malware, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), organisations can no longer rely on locked doors or software-based cryptography alone. Tamper-resistant hardware in diverse forms adds a critical layer of protection for sensitive applications and information, limiting access and reducing opportunity for insider attacks.
  • In addition, executing highly sensitive code within tamper-resistant hardware protects applications against malicious manipulation.


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