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Helping organisations through difficult times.

Recent global events have lead to an increased need for urgent Cyber Security Solutions. Blue Cube Security are here to help you ensure your Cyber Security Landscape is fit for purpose. A number of our core vendors are offering deals or free trials of solutions whilst the Coronavirus situation continues. We will add any deals we get here to help you through this difficult time.

Cynergy Services Free Cyber Maturity Check

Blue Cube Security’s team of Cyber Security Professionals are on hand to help companies through these difficult times.

They are able to offer a free consultation or a free Cyber Maturity Check to help ensure your company can continue to perform at its operational best even without an office base.

Remote Working Checklist

With the increase in people needing to work from home, we have created a short remote working checklist to help you ensure your company is prepared.

If you have any questions at the end of the checklist please get in touch and we can offer a free consultation to answer any concerns you have.

Cyber Risk Aware – Free Phishing Test

How savvy are your employees when it comes to telling if what seems like a  legitimate email is actually a phishing email?

Cyber Risk Aware are offering a 10 day free trial to their platform that enables you to run a phishing test against your staff using one of their recently added COVID-19 phishing lures.

They are also offering downloadable resources on how to prevent malicious content entering your systems.

Imperva – Free Account Takeover tool

With more people working at home, the volume of logins into applications and websites is increasing. Unfortunately, login pages are prime targets for malicious actors and bad bots.

To help  deal with this Imperva are offering a free 90 day license to their Account Takeover tool.

They have also set up a customer community here


Fortinet – FREE VPN

People working from home still need to be able to send confidential data and doing that on a public network is an unnecessary risk. You can mitigate this by using a VPN which extends a private network across a public network.

To help companies cope with the increased need for remote working and private networks Fortinet are able to offer a free VPN.


Trend – Free Endpoint Maximum Security

With most people having to work from home now, there has been a rise in the number of people working off of their own devices.

Thats why Trend are offering a free 6 month license to their maximum security product to ensure that your staff stay as secure as they can whilst using personal devices.

RSA – Free Multi Factor Authentication

The current climate has led to many more people needing to work from home so RSA are offering Free MFA licenses to both new and existing customers.
For new customers you can get 6 months free mobile MFA licenses and Authenticators and for existing customers you can get this for 1 year.

RSA are also able to offer Business Continuity Licenses for existing customer.

Enterprise Grade Security for healthcare organisations

Bitdefender have announced that they will offer up to 12 months of FREE enterprise-grade security solutions free of charge to all healthcare organisations. Bitdefender helps healthcare providers to work at full capacity without worrying about falling victim to the ruthless, opportunistic attacks, and allowing them to focus on resolving this crisis.

Sophos – Free Protection for Home Workers

Sophos are offering free end point protection and end point firewalls to anyone that are struggling with the addition of extra remote workers.

Sophos are able to offer business grade protection for personal devices allowing your company to stay as secure as they can in these difficult times.

Qualys Patch Solutions

To help secure the surge of remote workers worldwide in response to COVID-19, Qualys is offering instant security assessments, visibility and remote computer patching for corporate and personal computers – free for 60 days

Amazon Web Services

AWS have a number of solutions and services to assist companies through these tough times, they include:

  • Amazon Workspaces – access your desktop anywhere anytime from any device
  • Amazon Chime – online meetings, calls and video
  • Amazon Connect – easy to use omni-channel cloud contact centre – for companies needing to set up a contact centre or meet demand spikes
  • AWS client VPN – Access resource from anywhere
  • Amazon WorkDocs – Secure content collaboration and storage
  • Amazon AppStream 2.0 – provide students access to the apps they need

One Identity – Quick access Multi Factor Authentication

With a sudden increase in remote workers, the need to secure those workers’ access is more important than ever. There is no better way to do this than through Multi Factor authentication. Unfortunately, most  MFA solutions are expensive, difficult to deploy, and not suitable for the immediate need our customers face today. Defender is different. It can be deployed in as little as 2 hours and since it relies on the existing AD environment, has user self-enrollment capabilities, and supports flexible software tokens it may be the ideal solution for you when faced with this challenge.

One Identity – Active Roles

One Identity Active Roles delivers automated user account and group management that overcomes the shortcomings of native Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory tools. These enhanced identity-management capabilities enable you to do your job more efficiently, more accurately, and with less manual intervention. Active Roles is designed with a modular architecture, so your organisation can easily meet your business requirements today and in the future. With Active Roles, you can automate tedious and error-prone administrative tasks and solve security issues by protecting and controlling all-important administrative access.


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