Support Service

Blue Cube Security provides 24x7x365 support staffed by vendor-certified security specialists and SC cleared, acting as an extension to your IT team.

Effective management of a business’s security and networking devices not only helps safeguard business-critical assets which reduces risk, but also minimises the risk of downtime due to device failure.

Why you might need this service

Ensuring error conditions are quickly rectified is of paramount importance for the continuity of the Cyber Security provision. Highlighting a failure condition and the issues this may present can ascertain the risk level/exposure and therefore the prioritisation of the support call and its associated remedial actions.

Companies who do not invest in support services may find themselves paying for support on a case by case basis which is often expensive and time consuming with no priority service.

Key benefits

Bespoke service provision to suit businesses of all sizes
Help when help is needed at the right level of priority

Reduced costs on a case by case basis

Reduce Risk
Comprehensive support: 24x7x365 with an immediate response to any issues

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