Tuesday 6th April

9am to 1pm



Be The Cloud Hacker, Beat The Cloud Hacker

Ever wondered how hackers target data in public cloud environments, such as AWS? Or how the good guys fight back?

Now, by joining Sophos for an in-depth workshop, you have the unique opportunity to find out first-hand.

Be on the light side and the dark side. In their workshop, you’ll simulate real-world vulnerabilities to see how simple misconfigurations can open you up to data breaches – and then learn how to address them.

They’ll also share:

  • The latest tools and techniques hackers are using
  • Live threat scenarios and how to proactively neutralise suspicious activities
  • How Sophos stops, blocks and protects threats in the Cloud


10 minutes – Introduction

1 hour 30 minutes – Red Team Exercise

20 minutes – Break

1 hour – Blue Team Exercise

30 minutes – Red Team Redux

15 minutes – Kill Chain Analysis


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