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Why you might need this service

Given the advancing threat posed by cyber-attacks, both public and private organisations now have to take measures in order to protect their IT systems. Up to date anti-virus systems and basic measures to prevent unauthorised people from breaking into their systems are no longer enough as cyber criminals become more sophisticated.

Its not only a question of your corporate protection anymore, but that of your home-working employees: there is private and confidential data to which non-authorised people from outside your company should not have access.

Therefore, whether you are large or small, public or private, considering the implementation of Security Operations Centre Services is a critical step to help protect against catastrophic data breaches.


Solution Sets

Security Engineer

Security Analyst

Security Engineer

Threat Intelligence Specialist

Threat Hunter

Security Assurance Consultant
Service Delivery Manager

Business Challenges

The ability to invest to the levels required in the people, technology and training required to create an effective Security Operations Centre is limited to the lucky few.

In the vast majority of cases the opportunity to develop this kind of internal function is simply financially non-viable, undeniably though, the vast majority of organisations today either need or want access to specialised and highly qualified security skills in order to prevent and respond to any attacks on a 24x7 basis.

 Our Solution Set

Managed Security Operations Centre gives you access to all the systems, skills, processes and people you need to help shield your business from harm around the clock and works in tandem with both your internal teams and all your security vendors globally giving you unrivalled coverage and support wherever your systems reside in the world on-premise or in the cloud.




1. A Suite of Security Assessments

We provide innovation led cyber security services that help you to modernise and secure your infrastructure, tools and platforms to enable you to drive transformation, compliance and security across your enterprise. We an offer a wide range of security focused assessments and business continuity testing. We can also use these services to baseline your environment.
Security Health Check

Penetration Testing

Passive Analysis

Breach and Incident Assessment

SOC in a BOX:
For end users who need a service to protectively monitor and respond to live security events and indicators of compromise in real-time across their corporate and home-working employee communitiesRapid, remote install and remote operation from our secure Cloud.

2. Basic

For end users who need an entry-level protective SOC service driven by relevant and appropriate technologies remote install and remote operation.
Data Loss Prevention

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Passive Analysis

3. Essential

For end users who need a lightweight service to monitor and respond to live security events and indicators of compromise in real-time Remote install and remote operation.
LogSecure Check
Global Threat Intelligence
Security Assurance
Security Operations Center

4. Premium

For end users who need a comprehensive service to proactively monitor, detect and defend live data breaches and indicators of compromise in real-time. Suitable for users who require assurance to meet audit standards and regulatory regimes. Remote install and remote operation.


Security Assurance
Real-Time Incident Management

Global Threat Intelligence

5. A HomeWatch Guard Service

With the advent of the Coronavirus, we are all having to adapt quickly to living and working in new ways, with the majority of employees, 3rd parties and contractors switching from the office to working remotely from home. Consequently, employees may no longer enjoy the protection of their well-guarded corporate networks across a small number of offices, instead simply put, there are now as many offices as there are employees. This isolation therefore introduces new and Increased vulnerabilities to home workers and firms at large.
LogSecure Check
Cloud Access Security Broker
Real-Time Incident Management
Global Threat Intelligence
DLP – Data Loss Prevention


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