Helping you with remote working

Recent global events have lead to an increased need for remote working. Blue Cube Security are here to help you scale up remote working access in case of emergency.
Whether it’s Log in Licenses, VPN access or Multi Factor Authentication Blue Cube Security can help you prepare for remote working.

Log in Licenses

Do you need to allow more of your staff to work from home?

Blue Cube Security can offer Business Continuity Licenses. These allow you to temporarily enable more users than your normal license typically allows.

This can then be activated in the case of emergency or disaster.

VPN Access

With more staff working from home data protection has become even more important.

A VPN can secure your company’s data traffic by rerouting it through an encrypted tunnel. This allows your staff to work from home and you to have peace of mind over your data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure its only your staff that log in. 

With staff often working from home or on the move its crucial to know that only your staff are accessing your data. 

Multi-Factor Authentication is the first step in ensuring safe remote working. 


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