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Following yet another high-profile ransomware incident in late June with the outbreak of the “petya” malware, it is clear that many organisations are not adequately prepared for such incidents. 

Following hot on the heels of the Wannacry Malware attacks, the interesting observation that we have seen is that lessons are not being learned quickly enough – and mass disruption is likely to continue unless major steps are taken.

Looking back at 2016, we saw a huge surge in ransomware activity with a reported 638 Million instances of attacks. Comparing this to 3.8 million in 2015 highlights the significant challenge the industry faces and demonstrates what a lucrative attack vector ransomware has become.

The level and volume of “noise” coming from the cyber security market with an ever growing number of vendors and solution providers claiming to offer the answer to our prayers. Understanding how confusing the market place has become for end users, Blue Cube Security has endeavored to review the differing approaches and produced a best practice advice that is being offered from different parts of the industry, along with providing our own recommendations.

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