Security Policy & Compliance Management

‘Protecting your data is a challenge which includes having to keep up with regulations and quickly prove compliance during audits. Non compliance risks fines, unwanted press and loss of business. Blue Cube security will integrate all the protection you need to keep your data safe and your business compliant. You can manage it simply and quickly, enabling you to focus on what’s important. Ever-changing regulations and your own internal demands mean you risk hefty fines and a ruined reputation if you can’t get your users to comply. Protecting data is the key to compliance; whether it’s a sensitive email sent to the wrong person or a laptop left in the back of a cab. Security applications and written policies to protect your data that can be quickly deployed policies across your organisation. Monitor and control the use of everything from anti-virus and firewalls to browsers and media players. If a computer is not compliant it can be fixed or blocked and custom reports make it easy to monitor and manage compliance to give the auditors what they need, fast.’
IT compliance with Blue Cube Security