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In a world where Cloud Security threats are ever changing, to work with one penetration tester can be an unnecessary risk.

Using multiple penetration testers is best business practice and can ensure every area is checked and qualified.

Having Blue Cube Security manage your penetration testing, ensures consistency of quality between rotated testers. This eliminates the risk of false security in the event of one tester policy.

Blue Cube Security’s Penetration Testing Panel allows you peace of mind by providing a panel of penetration testing experts.

Issues can arise from having the same people testing the same items and using the same tools.

Whether they miss something out or their tools don’t pick everything up, its not worth risking a loss of business continuity. This is why its viewed as best business practice to regularly change penetration testers. 

However we know that this can be a pain, so Blue Cube Security can manage your penetration testing with a Penetration Testing Panel to ensure you get that variety in providers without having to hunt around.

How does it work?

  • You let us know what you want tested
  • We liaise, program and manage the testing program
  • We use one of several penetration testers to ensure you get the variety that is needed in today’s market
  • We audit the final report, provide insight and recommendations to mitigate any risk areas
  • We provide a standardised report no matter who does the test, allowing you to quickly identify the results
  • Finally we program the next test at timings that you require

What’s more, our consultants preview your test requirements to identify any areas that may not have been tested in the past, giving you piece of mind that you’ve received a complete test.



Why Blue Cube Security?

Blue Cube Security is one of the UK’s largest independent information and Cyber Security solution providers. Leading with a consultative approach, Blue Cube Security has been providing expertise and agile services to its customers for over 20 years.

Better yet we use an impartial and pragmatic approach to ensure you get the solution that’s right for your company.

Get in touch and we can help to start securing your business! 

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