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Ensuring trusted access for a connected and evolving digital world

Secure identity management has become a critical component of organizational security. This includes secure access to your private networks, applications and buildings. You also need to authenticate the identities of your users and their devices. But passwords are too vulnerable, and compromised credentials are one of the primary causes of serious and costly security breaches.

The complex technology models that have evolved over the last decade have transformed financial institutions, governments and enterprise—requiring new ways to reduce costs and improve user experiences and security across geographies and networks. Traditional two-factor authentication identity management has an excessively high total cost of ownership — and it frustrates users. The proliferation of applications, mobile workers and bring your own device environments is accelerating the problem.

Authentication technologies provide the best way for your organization to fight remote attacks, exploitation and attempts to take over your accounts. Entrust IdentityGuard offers a broad range of authentication solutions built on decades of identity management and security expertise to help organizations like yours provide strong security and trusted access.

Entrust IdentityGuard offers mobile-enabled authentication for authorized users as they navigate the world that is always connected and rarely secure. Our authentication platform addresses a range of needs that include:

  • Physical and Logical Access
  • VPN access
  • Transaction Verification
  • Digital Signatures
  • Federation to Cloud-Hosted Applications

Entrust Datacard security experts help organizations like yours build real relationships based on trust, ensuring frictionless authentication experiences for the consumers, citizens or employees you serve.

Solution Overview

Entrust IdentityGuard creates trusted environments for many of the world’s most security-minded organizations. Our software authentication solution ensures strong security for online and mobile transactions — as well as protected access to websites, VPNs, enterprise and cloud apps, portals, PCs, buildings and more. Entrust IdentityGuard provides a convenient single point of administration— and allows you to embrace the full potential of mobile and the cloud as your organization evolves.

Key Benefits

  • Choose from a range of flexible authentication solutions. Our solutions are designed to grow and change with your business as you make important transitions from basic authentication to high-assurance applications. Our commitment to innovation and customer support can help you adapt more quickly to new technologies and business processes.
  • Enhance user interactions. Moving beyond traditional passwords creates more secure, frictionless experiences for your customers — and allows you to make the necessary transition to a more digital and mobile world.
  • Support IT agility in your enterprise. Empower your organization with enterprise-aware authentication that integrates into your existing infrastructure and legacy IT systems. Adding agility to your IT infrastructure enables you to streamline core business processes, reduce costs and improve speed to market.
  • Stay ahead of compliance. Our proven strong authentication solutions help your organization remain compliant with evolving security policies that govern online and mobile transactions, as well as access to sensitive data.
  • Collaborate with a trusted advisor. Our solutions for identity management and secure transactions reflect 40+ years of partnership with the world’s top security organizations. You can rely on us for expert identity and security insights, as well as authentication solutions configured to meet your precise needs.

Use cases

  • Powerful Solutions for consumer, citizen and enterprise applications
    Secure Transactions.
  • Authenticate the identity of all parties involved in transactions and verify the integrity of digital communications with our highly flexible platform. Protect the interests and assets of everyone involved in the transaction.
    Workstations, Buildings & Doors.
    Embedding a trusted identity on mobile devices also allows for authentication for a wide range of physical and logical access applications.
  • Mobile as the New Desktop.
    Empower your mobile workforce with anywhere-anytime access to networks, apps and collaboration tools. Frictionless, transparent security replaces vulnerable passwords and hardware tokens.
  • VPN, Portal & Web Access.
    Our authentication platform allows your enterprise to ensure secure employee access to your networks and websites.
  • SaaS Apps.
    The move to the cloud and broad adoption of enterprise apps forces IT departments to view security outside traditional enterprise boundaries. Our authentication platform makes this transition easy to manage — and incredibly secure.


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