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As part of our assist service line, the Security Governance as a Service (SGaaS) enables organisations to oversee activities relating to Information and Cyber Security, ensuring they meet the agreed strategic objectives for the business, and contribute to the overall performance of the organisation.

Why you might need this service

Most companies rely on digital offerings and services as part of their day-to-day business, but wherever there is information technology there is also an element of information security risk, meaning organisations may, at any given time, experience some form of threat from cyber criminals.

If your organisation wants to demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding customer data and ensure the business is protected against a cyber-attack, or if you want a base-level security certification to demonstrate you have key technical controls in, the Cynergy Governance service will review and advise the right certification for your organisation.

Key Benefits

Reassure customers you are working to secure your IT against cyber-attacks

A clear picture of your organisation’s cyber security level

Improve maturity – deliver effective improvements to security posture through a breadth of experience

Reduced risk of your organisation becoming a victim of a cyber-attack

Cynergy Governance is structured around your business, your business needs, and your internal capabilities with respect to cyber security. Our accreditation partners are brought in when you are ready to undertake accreditation reviews and we work with you to ensure success.

The service is delivered through a blend of on-site and remote support and is comprised of a current state assessment, followed by a governance model designed to meet your specific requirements. The service can be a one-off assessment or an ongoing engagement and includes a review of the following:

  • Business strategy, current governance and operating models and priorities. Identifying key stakeholders.
  • Relevant regulations, and their scope. Identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Operational landscape, such as technology, outsourced services, and third parties.
  • Capabilities, capacity, and supporting cyber security activities.


Vulnerability Scanning – to suit your patching regime (weekly, monthly, quarterly, ad hoc)

Strategy Alignment – ensure strategic alignment of information security in support of business objectives

Risk Management – manage and mitigate risks and reduce potential impacts on information assets to an acceptable level

Resource Management – ensure the efficient utilisation of information security knowledge and infrastructure

Performance Management – measure, monitor and report on information security processes to ensure business objectives are achieved

Performance Management – measure, monitor and report on information security processes to ensure business objectives are achieved

Value – ensure strategic goals for security are achieved and an acceptable risk posture is attained at the lowest rate

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