Event Info


3rd October



12pm – 4pm 


Sunborn Hotel, Gibraltar 

Gibraltar Services and Solutions event

What is the event and why should I attend?

Blue Cube Security, a leading Cyber Security Solutions provider along with some of the industry’s top vendors, will talk you through how we can help you minimise the risks and vulnerabilities in your Cyber Security Posture and how to stay ahead of the bad actors!



  • 12pm  – Arrive for lunch
  • Blue Cube Security – Open and Intro
  • Fortinet – Recurring threats in the cyber security landscape 2019 and how to address them
  • AWS – AWS and security in the Cloud
  • 2pm – Tea Break
  • Trend – Securing your cloud infrastructure
  • Imperva – Bot mitigation and combating emerging threats for gaming service providers 
  • Blue Cube Security – Cloud solutions, Compliance, Cyber Security Professionals, Cyber Maturity Framework
  • 4pm – Drinks and food on the upper deck


In addition, you will also be provided food and drink on the Sunborn super yacht!!

Trend Micro, Fortinet, Imperva and AWS will all be in attendance with a full agenda coming shortly.


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Imperva and Bot Mitigation:

  • What is a bad bot and who runs this automated traffic
  • How do bad bots impact you
  • Strategy to mitigate automated threats (bad bots)
  • Additional risks presented by Web and Mobile APIs and how to protect them
  • The experience of an existing customer – Case Study



  • The security landscape and common issues / how to deal with them.
  • Fortinet end to end security – inc SD WAN

  • Case studies and how Fortinet can assist you with your individual cyber security issues

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