Firewall Management



Firewalls are essential in protecting network traffic, including the flow of sensitive data, but their management and maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive.

Why you might need this service

As networks become more intricate and both external and internal risks increase, the complexity of rules ensure a firewall does not interfere with legitimate communications increases as well.

Comprehensive firewall management requires a high degree of expertise and constant maintenance. Unfortunately a firewall is not a plug and play solution and purchasing and initially configuring one is only the beginning, which has made effective firewall management extremely important.

Key Benefits

Peace of mind that your firewall is running effectively and securely
Eliminates devices left in “Plug and Play” mode with insecure default configurations
Configured in the best way to suit your business
Cost effective device maintenance by expert engineers

Firewalls are often the first line of defence against malicious actors making them essential for all companies; however, the constant management and servicing is often a significant drain on IT resources.


Blue Cube Security’s Cynergy Perimeter service removes the complexity and burden for you and allows your IT team to focus on business-critical tasks. In short, we will monitor, maintain, and manage your firewalls for you.

Regular device audits when accessed by a Blue Cube Security team member
Review of firewall suitability
Up-to-date software and patching
More time for your IT team

Updates / maintenance outside business hours to reduce business interruption

Working with leading firewall vendors

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