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We are now able to offer our trusted partners a leasing solution to enable you to purchase the optimum IT security package, regardless of immediate budget with flexible terms to suit your business.

You can have:

  • Control of all costs
  • Access to cash to run day to day business
  • Minimal impact on pre-set budgets
  • Flexible terms and frequency of payments
  • Best of breed cyber security technology in place and peace of mind your business is protected

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Leasing allows you:

  • Put entire solution into one agreement—including the cost of your hardware, software, and even services
  • Customise rates and offering the most competitive solution
  • Increase your Accounts Payable period at no cost to your business
  • Negotiate extended terms up to 120 days, instantly available and under your control
  • Manage your account with convenient online tools
  • The option of releasing some of the working capital pressures

Benefits of leasing:

  • Cheaper than purchase- due to tax advantages, opportunity cost of money and fixed payments
  • Preserves existing finance lines
  • Possibility of ‘off balance sheet’ leasing- improves key measures / ratios such as ‘return on assets’
  • Matches spend with lifespan (depreciation) of equipment / software
  • Include any existing lease settlement into the new transaction so you can acquire ideal solution now- driven by needs not budget
  • Easier approval for upgrades & future replacement IT- same payment, new kit
  • Inflation proof- fixed cost
  • One stop shop via seller
  • Options of a deferred payment scheme

Call us to discuss on 0345 094 3070 option to speak to one of our sales team.