Blue Cube Security's

Finance Options

Blue Cube Security are able to provide finance options on hardware, software and professional services in the form of an operating lease*, making it easier for you to get the Cyber Security solutions you need with no compromises or impact on cash-flow. 

*The finance options are flexible and can range from 12 – 36 months to suit your needs

Why you might need this service


  • If budgetary constrains are preventing/delaying project(s)
  • Budget timing means you can’t get the solution you need until later in the year
  • You want to purchase more than one solution but only have budget for one
  • You want to split the cost over several payments to maximise your purchase

What are the benefits to this service


  • Splitting the cost over several payments allows you to buy the solution you need when budgets wouldn’t allow
  • Flexibility of contract length allows you to spread the cost in line with finance requirements
  • Allows you to afford the best quality with no compromise or impact on cash flow
  • VAT is charged on the rental cost rather than the total cost of the solution – saving you money
  • No early settlement cost – you can end the lease early
  • Flexible options at the end of the lease – own the assets with a nominal payment or return them
  • Tax relief (dependent on your corporation tax rate) on operating leases

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