We’ve all experienced suspicious emails with poor spelling and dodgy branding purporting to come from our banks demanding security details to “resolve” an issue with our account.  We may also have been tempted by those “too good to be true offers” which are, of course, too good to be true.  In the world of Cyber Security these are called phishing attacks as they are “phishing” for information that can be used to gain access to confidential data which is used to commit a crime such as credit card fraud.

These email scams, also known as phishing attacks have been easy to spot with most of us discarding them immediately without damage but they are becoming increasingly sophisticated with well-crafted emails, carefully branded graphics and cleverly constructed URLs.  And, with over 90% of Cyber Security breaches being attributed to such attacks, just the thought will send a cold chill down the spine of any IT Director.

As these attacks go direct to your employees’ inboxes what more should you do to protect your business? When your business is being bombarded by these attacks on an hourly basis how can you best fend off attackers?

To be truly successful at minimising potential threats from phishing, your business should implement a multi-pronged defence including:

  • Staff awareness training
  • Layered Cyber Security solutions:
    • State of the art anti-phishing technology
    • Sophisticated anti-malware solutions
  • 2-factor authentication for key activities

Regular staff awareness training will furnish many of your team with the knowledge to identify and avoid these scams.  Sophisticated anti-malware solutions will assist with blocking, quarantining and removing many threats before they reach your users.   State of the art anti-phishing technology will give your cyber security teams the possibility to leverage the knowledge of savvy users, identify attacks early, reduce false positives and furnish them with the tools to neutralise any attack as fast as possible. Finally, where warranted, 2-factor authentication can provide greater protection for access to key business applications and data.

Why not join us at the next Cyber Security forum on the 16th October to learn more? Martin Anwyll of COFENSE will present on the topic of: A Phish just hit. Now what?

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