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Identity and Access Management

  • Identity governance Achieve complete, business-driven governance for identities, data and privileged access by marrying visibility and control with administration. Gain simplicity and affordability with a unified governance foundation that addresses the management, auditing and compliance needs that are prerequisites to strong governance.
  • Access management Ensure that all your users can get to the resources they need to do their jobs from any location and device conveniently, securely and compliantly. Automate account creation, assign access, streamline on-going administration, and unify identities, passwords and directories with enhanced access management capabilities.
  • Privileged management Centrally and proactively manage privileged accounts with individual accountability through granular control and monitoring of administrator access. Easily and effectively adopt an automated and comprehensive approach that enhances security and compliance, while improving the efficiency of administering “superuser” access.
  • Identity and access management as a service Bring immediate identity and access management capabilities to your growing organization without the capital expense and burden of on-premises infrastructure and dedicated staff. Free up IT help desk resources with self-service functionality too. Powered by Simieo, we offer three IAM as a service modules for provisioning, governance and access control.
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Patented Technology

Identity Manager Streamlining access governance through automated user management and access control.

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Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager Unifying access for your most pressing challenges.

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Enterprise Single Sign-on Single sign-on made simple.

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Defender ® Protect your perimeter with two-factor authentication.

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Dell Software

Dell One Identity helps you control and audit administrative access with privileged credentials through granular delegation and command control, keystroke logging and session audit, policy-based control and secure and automated workflows. This approach enhances security and compliance while improving the efficiency of administering superuser access. Administrators are granted only the rights they need—nothing more, nothing less—and all activity is tracked and audited.

  • Enhance security by granting administrators only the access rights required for their jobs—nothing more, nothing less—and basing those rights on established and intelligently controlled policy. In addition, when full credentials must be used, secure the process of requesting, approving and issuing access to those accounts, including the critical application-to-application (A2A) and application-to-database (A2D) passwords that pose the greatest security risk.
  • Achieve compliance through access control and separation of duties for privileged access that you can track through comprehensive audit capabilities that include policy, rights and activities performed through privileged access—even down to the keystroke level on many critical systems.
  • Improve efficiency through granular, policy-driven delegation of elevated access privileges and execution of specific commands across a wide range of systems and platforms, with centralised management and comprehensive audit. Through automated workflows, your administrators gain sufficient rights to do their jobs eliminating the need for manual credential management. In addition, Dell One Identity adds significant value to sudo by centralising management of sudo policy and providing visibility into sudo-related activities.

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