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Blue Cube Security provides high quality accredited security services.

It is essential that organisations protect their network and assets adequately and when the correct IT security infrastructure is in place, an organisation will flourish, seeing business growth and value-added benefits. Blue Cube Security enables organisations to gain this important business advantage, reducing risk and mitigating vulnerabilities and threats through sound practices, applied security technology and a continuous improvement framework. The Cynergy team are accredited IT professionals who will design, develop, implement, manage and support solutions that meet your business requirements.


Cynergy Governance – More companies these days need to attain a level of certificated or accredited documented cyber security Cynergy Governance is designed to take your project from inception through to accreditation by our selected partners.

Cynergy Intelligence – Our initial engagement service that undertakes a Cyber Security Posture Review (Health Check) and may be supplemented with both initial and ongoing penetration tests on the infrastructure or customer applications.

Cynergy Educate – More than 80-% of Cyber Security incidents have a human component our Cynergy Educate solution has been designed to provide and maintain security awareness using the latest technology and artificial intelligence. Importantly the Cynergy Educate service seeks to grow your team security awareness and maintain them as a knowledgeable line of defence.

Cynergy SafeScan – Our vulnerability scanning service covering internal and external IP’s and web services. This can be at any frequency of service to suit the customers need and can be timed around the customers patching regime. The service has various level from a basic automated service to one that has full reporting at agreed times.

Cynergy Perimeter – Your perimeter firewall is often your first line of defence. Firewall management for both on-prem and cloud base infrastructure is absolutely critical. The Cynergy service is designed to provide and maintain the highest level of security utilising solutions from some of the leading firewall vendors on the market.

Cynergy Endpoint – Securing the endpoints on your network be they servers, PC’s, macs or other IOT items is critical. The Cynergy Endpoint service is designed to maintain your endpoint security at the highest level. We are proud to offer solutions utilising Trend Micro technology.

Cynergy Cloud Secure – With increased adoption of cloud functionality and infrastructure and the fact that the provider secure the cloud but the end user must secure their components we have developed our skill base to offer some of the best advice and design to ensure you secure your cloud based operations.

Cynergy Remote – Organisations normally have a few offices with external IP’s. The world today, with the migration of staff to home or local working has meant the infrastructure has had to adapt and the Cyber Security elements need to be adapted or redesigned to suit. Our Cynergy Remote service reviews the customer world and offers advice, design and appropriate services to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained in the world of remote working often using non customer equipment.

Cynergy Remediate – The skill set of the hacking community is rowing in capability on a daily basis, and even with some of the best defensive strategies an incident may occur. The Cynergy Remediate team are available either on contract or on request to provide remediation services to bring back customer confidence in their infrastructure and security.

Cynergy MDR – By combining some of the services already mentioned and offering them on either a 24/7 or 16/7(out of hours) basis combining them with a (M)anagememnt service to (D) detect threats and (R)respond to them the Cynergy MDR adds another layer of responsiveness and security awareness to a customer’s Cyber Security posture.

Cynergy Advisor – Many companies have a retained security officer at a senior level in the organisation, a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). These company CISO’s will use the services of Cynergy Advisor to have conversations on current strategy, design and Cyber Security architecture. Smaller companies or companies without a CISO will use Cynergy Advisor to ensure they are applying the correct strategy to Cyber Security and we will assist in the design phases allowing the customer to go-to-market with a design and strategy that will protect their business.

Why Blue Cube Security?

Blue Cube Security are one of the UK’s largest independent information and Cyber Security solution providers. For over 20 years, we have been providing expertise and agile services, helping organisations:


  • Over 20 years of experience in Information and Cyber Security
  • Highly accredited Professional Services team
  • Customer focused consultative approach
  • Managed Security Services Provider offering 24x7 customer support
  • Collaborative working approach
  • Wide portfolio of technology solution partners

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