Date: Thursday 22nd April

Time: 3pm to 5pm CEST



Think like an Attacker and stay one step ahead

Join CyberArk for their live Attack & Defend Virtual War Room Experience later this month where you will watch and learn as WhiteHat hackers Len Noe and Andy Thompson battle head-to-head in a real-world hacking and defence simulation covering five of the most notorious breaches in history.

Attendees will get the chance to experience both Red Team and Blue Team  exercises to expand their skills as defenders:

  • Read Team – Attackers: Learn about and use real hacking tools to steal passwords, laterally move within a network, and execute the same attacks seen in major breaches.
  • Blue Team – Defender: Use the CyberArk suite of tools to detect, defend, and prevent these real-world attacks seen in the headlines.

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