Cyber Education

Improve cyber security behaviours, attitudes and get the data you need to measure and report on impact.


Security awareness training can transform your staff into a human firewall creating the strongest line of defence against cyber threats.

Why you might need this service

Cyber risk will never be completely mitigated by focusing on technology alone and, with a large sector of the workforce embracing a more permanent hybrid working model and with the rise year-on-year of ransomware attacks addressing your team’s cyber security training needs has never been more important.

Research suggests as many as 90% of all successful cyber-attacks involve some form of human error; however, traditional security awareness training solutions often fail to substantially impact user behaviour.

Adding Cynergy Educate to your portfolio will not only significantly improve cyber security attitudes and behaviours, but also provide the data you need to measure and report on its impact.

Cynergy Educate arms your workforce with the knowledge and education they need to become an impenetrable layer of defence and actively prevent the cyber threats that technological defences can’t do alone. A cost-effective approach to a high value outcome Cynergy Educate delivers measurable improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Strong security behaviours are a life skill – learnings from a social engineer

Watch this webinar in collaboration with with Cyber Risk Aware and Oxford Cyber Academy where social engineer, hacker and storyteller, James Linton uses his experiences in socially engineering business leaders and global institutions to share the lessons he believes we all need to learn.

Key Benefits

Reduce staff susceptibility to phishing by more than 90%

Identify policy and best practice gaps in staff knowledge

Accurately track changes in staff cyber security behaviours

Large training library and ability to upload company policies

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

Insightful risk and compliance reporting capability

Links with SIEM alerting for reactive based training

Measurable return on investment



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