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Cyber Education

With Cyber attacks up by over 91%, it is time to start ensuring your staff are cyber aware.


In May 2019 the Cyber Security press reported that Phishing is still the biggest risk to business and the predominant cyber threat to the global business community. In nearly all cases the phishing threat is directed at specific employees and companies that don’t undertake a staff training and cyber education program are therefore “at risk”

Why you might need this service

The whole “continuity” of an operational business can be destroyed by one employee opening one email and allowing malware onto the internal business network. Staff need to understand not only how to prevent malware but also how to protect against it with proper back up procedures and good governance around these. Off network back up unconnected to the business is essential to ensure that businesses survive. Also, staff need to understand why the company employs multiple cyber solutions and why these should not be bypassed or interfered with.

Why Blue Cube Security

With the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks, IT security experts are in high demand. Keeping an internal security team together is difficult due to costs and high turnover rates. It is also difficult to keep up with the constant training needed to stay ahead of ever-changing threats. Using Blue Cube Security for your perimeter management, you will not need to worry about all of that. You get access to a full team of security experts, with the latest training.

Key Benefits

Business continuity

Staff understanding of the Cyber Security threat
Full access to scarce expertise using our engineers who are certified to the highest levels in the installation, configuration and ongoing management of multiple technologies

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