Cyber Threat Assesment


With Cyber Crime on the rise and becoming ever-more complex, assessing your perimeter security is more important than ever.

Our no obligation Cyber Threat Assessment is a great way to test your security effectiveness, it will take less than 30 minutes of your time and the findings are put in a detailed report to asses how effective your current solution is.  


What does a Cyber Threat Assessment do? 

We will help you monitor your network activity and after a few days generate a full report to assess your perimeter security.

Our Cyber Threat Assessment will help you:

Have full visibility of what gets through

Show if your perimeter security is managed and monitored

Assess the effectiveness of your existing solution


What do you get from the report?  

  • Learn how effective your current network security is
  • Find out how applications and web resources are used in your network
  • Learn how to optimize your current network security solution
  • Allows you to guage your current security, productivity and performance

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