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Organisations are increasingly embracing Cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to improve business functionality, flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies; but mixed with legacy and on-premise technology and data, these hybrid environments bring with them their own set of challenges.

Why you might need this service

Integrating data and applications between different computing architectures, without compromising their functionality or security, requires the right combination of cloud platforms and the skills and understanding to identify, integrate, support, and manage the solution.

Blue Cube Security is a Select AWS Consultancy Partner, and as such we have the depth of knowledge necessary to help you to design, architect, build, migrate, manage and secure your workloads and applications on your AWS Architecture, whist also supporting your traditional on-premise infrastructure security needs. 

Customers can now purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace, directly from Blue Cube Security, helping customers to leverage our knowledge of their business, provide localised support, and our expertise, and receive the same fast and friction-free purchase experience they’re accustomed to in AWS Marketplace. 

Key Benefits

Maintain data security standards whilst managing multiple computing ecosystems

Adapt your business with the times, support modernisation easily meeting changing business needs

Scale quickly and provision new resources

Enhance the benefit of utilising AWS Marketplace with the knowledge and support of your trusted service provider with experience in AWS, Security, governance, and compliance

Maximise on staff utilisation rates but outsourcing cloud specialism to AWS approved partner

Continue to utilise the security technology you are used to, but in a more flexible and cost-effective way

Lowers costs, consume as you need it, become more agile, innovate faster

Services Available

Security Strategy and Architecture Advice – our experienced architects and engineers are on-hand to support all your cloud project needs; from cloud strategy, systems design and DevOps integration, to vulnerability management and systems hardening, and everything in-between.

Cloud Secure Visibility Assessment – our assessment delivers insight into cloud usage, and advice and recommendations on data control and security solutions, in both sanctioned and unsanctioned services.

Cloud Security Health Check – our health check provides a detailed security review of your cloud architecture, in relation to the operational needs of the cloud environment. A report detailing the current security posture along with relevant and actionable remediation efforts to better secure the client’s cloud environment is provided.

Technology – As a trusted partner of numerous Independent Software Vendors choosing to deploy on AWS, we can advise on the catalogue of products available through the Marketplace and on which services best fit with your needs. Whether you require monitoring, analytics and response services via Sophos Cloud Security; Trend Micro’s Deep Security workload and container protection; Fortinet Security Fabric or machine data services via Splunk Cloud Platform; Imperva Cloud Data Security to address the security and compliance concerns Blue Cube Security can advise and support you every step to the way.


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