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As organisations continue to seek scalability, flexibility and efficiency in their technology stack, cloud platforms become part of the decision process.
Many organisations, small and large, are seeing agility as being a key part of their strategy. If it’s moving away from the ‘end of life’ legacy system issues, lowering cost, rapid growth plans or scaling back, moving in to the Cloud ticks a lot of boxes that organisations should be considering.

Why you might consider moving to the cloud

It is critical for information security professionals to understand cloud computing, the various models and associated risks. Additionally, information security professionals must develop strategies that empower the business’ consumption of critical cloud services while adopting the necessary security measures, balancing the risk versus reward of cloud computing.

However, as with any new technology paradigm, the cloud brings a new set of complications, some legitimate and others exaggerated. But with all the buzz and hype, how do organisations know if moving to the cloud is right for the business?

Most companies have security personnel, but their expertise in the cloud may be limited. To have a team of highly trained cloud security experts is a bit of a rarity. Yet, security in the cloud is often paramount to the success of an organisation.

Blue Cube Security work with key cloud partners and are fully accredited and qualified to help organisations move to the cloud or already working in the cloud. The team will work closely with organisations to help stop you stalling, guiding you through the journey and keeping you safe and secure.

Why Blue Cube Security

Blue Cube Security is one of the UK’s largest independent IT and Cyber Security solution providers. Leading with a consultative approach, Blue Cube Security has been providing expertise and agile services to its customers for over 20 years.

Key Benefits

Breadth of Market Knowledge with a Consultative Approach
Dedicated Professional and Managed Security Services Team – Cynergy
Industry Accredited across a range of best of breed solutions in the IT and Cyber Security market
Ongoing Customer Support with a UK based 24×7 support desk
Customer Focused

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