Sophos Cloud Optix

Now available on AWS Marketplace

Sophos Cloud Optix combines the power of AI and automation to simplify cloud security. Delivering cloud security monitoring, analytics, and compliance automation with one simple to use interface in a process efficient way.

As an Amazon Consulting Partner with a proven focus on cyber security, Blue Cube Security can help design, architect, build, migrate, manage and secure your workloads and applications on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Architecture.

Blue Cube Security’s consultants are highly accredited across our Cyber Security portfolio as well as having accreditations in major governance and compliance frameworks.

Why choose Sophos Cloud Optix

  • See everything – Secure everything. Automatic discovery of your organisation’s assets across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments
  • Give your team the power to respond to and resolve security risks in minutes
  • Speed up the compliance process. Continuously monitor compliance with custom or out-of-the box templates
  • AI-powered security analytics and monitoring. Cloud Optix is continuously monitoring and learning about your cloud asset inventory, configurations, and network traffic
  • Manage environments across AWS, Azure and GCP through the same console

AWS Marketplace

  • Purchase and manage your Cyber Security Solutions, in AWS Marketplace, to streamline procurement, deployment and have one place for all your AWS and software billing.

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