Bot Mitigation

20% of all web traffic is bad bots

Only half of all web traffic is human*

Bot mitigation is far more than just identifying your bot traffic. As not all bots are bad

There are good bots which we rely upon, such as google bots who rank us on search engines.

And then there are the bad bots – who perform any number of unwanted actions such as data scraping, DDOS attacks, Identity fraud and vulnerability identification, etc. The downtime of these attacks can not only have a financial implication for you, but could also lead to a competitive advantage being given to your competitors.

Why is bot mitigation important?


Bad bots scrape data from sites without permission in order to reuse it (e.g., pricing, inventory levels) and gain a competitive edge. They can also undertake criminal activities, such as fraud and outright theft.

Bad bots are evolving and are more sophisticated than ever. Increasingly they’re mimicking real human workflows across web applications to behave like real users.

There are also so many varieties of bot attack to be aware of, ranging from price and content scraping through to account takeover and credit card fraud

How to mitigate the bot threat?


Bots are on your website every day, and attack characteristics become more advanced over time. So how should businesses go about protecting themselves? Unfortunately, every site is targeted for different reasons, and usually by different methods, so there is no one-size-fits-all bot solution. 

Get in touch below and we can discuss some quick wins that can help mitigate the issues that bad bots posses.

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You can also download our bad bot report here:

*Source: Distill Networks 2017 Bad Bot Report

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