Blue Cube Security’s second Cyber Security forum speaker details revealed


Event title

Blue Cube Security’s Cyber Security Forum 16 October 8-10.30am at The White Swan, Arundel – Clicking Phishing and Fooling.

Name of presenter

Greg Iddon

Presentation title

Cybersecurity Safari


Sophos’ Greg Iddon delivers an accessible, whirlwind tour of the current threat landscape, revealing the new ways cybercriminals are compromising our systems, the motivations behind them, and what we can do to keep ourselves safer.

Three main reasons to attend

1. Demystify how modern hacks really work
2. Discover emergent cyber threats
3. Learn what you can do to stay safe

Who should attend

Anyone with even a passing interest in cybersecurity

Speaker profile

Greg is a security evangelist and technology communicator with a passion for all things digital. A rampant, idiosyncratic nerd with a sense of humour, Greg strongly believes that the complexities of computing and security can be made accessible, funny, and interesting to the masses, and takes every opportunity to share his passion with anyone who wishes to listen.