Blue Cube Security engage with Cyber Business Growth

We at Blue Cube Security, engaged Cyber Business Growth (CBG) at what became a pivitol point in our company’s history. After 18 years of business, we entered 2017 with bold and ambitious growth plans and realised early on that we needed external advice to understand where we were at as a business and be more in line with outside players in order to move forward and achieve our goals.

Working closely for over 12 months, CBG facilitated, guided, assisted and supported us in delivering what became a business transformation. CBG initially analysed the business, understanding what worked and what didn’t and therefore what needed to change. CBG then supported us through what was a challenging process, but they ensured we stayed on track achieving the output of which is positive change and great results.

One of the most significant changes being the implementation and growth of The Blue Cube Security Academy. This coupled with the performance of the wider sales and strategic team, we closed 2017 with 20% YoY growth and 40% growth in pipeline for 2018.

Ultimately we always owned the plan but we could not have achieved this level of success, in this fast moving market, without the guidance, advice and support of CBG. Our engagement with them is ongoing, they will continue to support us as we evolve and grow, achieving the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning.