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Surge in Online Traffic increases risk to businesses   The below blog is written by Nadav Avital of Imperva. The link to the original blog can be found below   Nadav Avital Mar 24, 2020 Imperva Research Labs has been monitoring the data across our thousands...

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Bot Mitigation – The basics of bots on your website

The Basics of potential bot attacks on your website   What is Web Scraping? Web scraping is a method used to extract data from websites. Sometimes called screen scraping, web scraping software may access the web directly using either a web browser or the...

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Don’t get hooked – avoid the email scams

We’ve all experienced suspicious emails with poor spelling and dodgy branding purporting to come from our banks demanding security details to “resolve” an issue with our account.  We may also have been tempted by those “too good to be true offers” which are, of...

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