AWS re:Invent 2019 – Vegas

Irvin Shillingford – Blue Cube Security’s Business Development Director has just returned from AWS re:Invent 2019 Vegas. Here are his key takeaways from the event.


Monday 2nd  December – Day 1

I attended several sessions but the ones that most resonated with me were, APN Technology Partner journey and Master your security in the Cloud. Within the sessions there was an abundance of great content but my key takeaways were:

  • An understanding of how AWS Marketplace helps secure Cloud adoption and new workloads using industry-leading third-party solutions
  • How to enforce and automate security using technology from third party ISV’s on AWS Marketplace
  • How AWS go about onboarding partners and assisting them to build, marketing, and sell

It was also great to meet so many of our customers and partners on stands and throughout the event hall. I even got to engage with some of the US representatives for our partners and it was interesting to see how their approaches to customer relationships could help our customers in the UK.


Tuesday 3rd  December – Day 2

Again I managed to sit in on several sessions but there were two sessions I thought were particularly poignant, Co-selling with the AWS Sales Organization and How to sell in AWS Marketplace.

Here my Key takeaways were:

  • That with AWS we can reach new customers and help to decrease the time it takes to close transactions, and such the time it takes for the customer to have the product installed
  • Tips on how to help solve customer business needs from the AWS Account Managers
  • What a successful co-selling engagement with AWS and other partners looks like
  • A greater visibility into how our partners list their products in AWS Marketplace


Wednesday 4th  December – Day 3

On Wednesday I again managed to catch several sessions. The ones I felt had more relevance to Blue Cube Security and their customers were,  Use AWS Marketplace to reach over 230,000 customers and Build success with new AWS Partner Network (APN) offerings, whilst also seeing the key note session from Doug Yeum.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doug gave some great insight into how AWS partners can help customers transform and innovate using the AWS Cloud
  • He shared the importance of differentiating our offering and collaborating with other partners to work on larger projects
  • How to help customers innovate and grow
  • Private offers being available to all ISVs giving the customer a much broader choice range
  • How customers can get special/customised pricing using Seller Private Offers
  • How to leverage APN programs to demonstrate deep expertise to customers


Thursday 5th December – Day 4:

Unfortunately I had to leave early on the Friday so I missed the final day. That didn’t takeaway from Thursday being another day filled with great sessions and experiences on the event floor. On Thursday the session I felt spoke most to our customers was, Building the business case for our customers

Key takeaways:

  • How transitioning from traditional IT to the Cloud unlocks tremendous value for customers
  • As customers consider their next IT investment, they will need help understanding the business value generated by the AWS Cloud
  • The AWS Cloud Value Framework explains how we can help our customers build the business case to justify our customers’ cloud investment


Final thoughts:

I had a great week in Vegas and not just due to the location. It was a shame that I had to miss the last day, its sessions and the after party! But I was highly impressed with the organisation of not only the event but also the evening entertainment, everything ran to time and was brilliantly scheduled.

I found the content produced by AWS highly engaging and educational. It will be useful in Blue Cube Security’s future dealings with customers, vendors and AWS alike. I think the key message that I took back was the need to differentiate in order to help customers see the benefit of purchasing through AWS. That and by working with other partners we can bring a greater quality of service to our customers. I also managed to meet some of our customers and it was great to understand more around their use of the AWS architecture and their future plans.

The knowledge that I gained from this week will be useful in future customer engagements and I look forward to working with our customers to demonstrate our added value.

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