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An overview of our dedicated professional and managed service team, Cynergy.
Bob Marsh, Professional Services Director
Why Blue Cube Security.
Daniel Oviawe, Sales Manager

Specialist knowledge and a solution based approach to your IT and Cyber Security

Vision statement

We will change the way you think about Cyber Security. The landscape is vast and dynamic and will continue to become more and more complex. Our vision is to be our customers’ number one choice, to give peace of mind whilst protecting them and delivering an outstanding service and exceptional business outcomes.

Mission statement

Our mission is to guide our customers through the ever increasing complexity of the Cyber Security threat landscape. Continually building upon our deep understanding which has grown and evolved along with the market throughout the 21st Century. We empower our teams to offer this knowledge, providing protection and reducing complexity thereby delivering great value.

Independent IT and Cyber Security Experts

Blue Cube Security provides best-of-breed IT security solutions in all the key areas of Enterprise IT security, including Authentication, Digital Certificates, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, email and file encryption, firewalls and VPNs, vulnerability and scanning.  We have over 17 years experience in the Cyber Security industry and enjoy robust relationships with both our vendors and customers.

Dedicated IT Security Solutions

We are an independent IT Security solutions provider and this allows us to recommend the best solutions and partner with vendors that offer bespoke, specialised security products. We specialise in IT security; we believe in the importance of dedicated IT security solutions with technology specialists – not ‘add-on’ security products.

Passionate People

We are passionate about achieving an impeccable level of customer service. We use a structured results focused approach to define appropriate high-level IT security solutions and drive through to fully optimised solutions, accelerating time to deployment and bottom line benefits for customers.

Independence Matters

Blue Cube Security provide fully independent and accurate advice for IT security solutions; providing the expertise, technology and management skills to help identify where to protect, what to protect and how to protect enterprise IT resources and enable secure access for authorised users.

  • Blue Cube Security Ltd has extensive understanding and knowledge of the IT security industry.
  • You benefit from ‘best of breed‘ technology; prepared and protected for all IT security threats.
  • Vendor independent IT solutions provider specialising in delivering solutions that truly mirror organisational needs.
  • Expertise, technology and management skills to help identify where to protect, what to protect and how to protect corporate IT resources and enable secure access for authorised users.
  • We have built strong relationships with industry vendors and as a result, have been rewarded with high levels of accreditations.