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Helping you get full visibility into your Cyber Security Landscape


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With the rise in high profile Cyber Security attacks and the advancement in complexity of threats, Blue Cube Security are helping companies look into their Cyber Security Landscape to identify any potential risks or gaps.


Our Cynergy team of Cyber Security Professionals are highly accredited across the vendor portfolio as well as having certifications in major governance and compliance frameworks enabling them to offer a full life-cycle solution.


They are able to offer a number of services to help you asses your current Cyber Security Landscape and ensure that you have the Security that your organisation needs.

See how secure your organisation is with our Cyber Maturity Framework

Do you ever wonder whether you’ve chosen the right Cyber Solutions or how well you’ve implemented them?

Would you like a more efficient way of managing your Cyber Security solutions?

Would you like to ensure a better ROI from your Cyber Security investments?

Our Cyber Maturity Framework will help you to address these common questions, avoid gaps in your Cyber Security posture, give you a full report on your current cyber landscape and advise on how to make improvements.

Utilise our Managed Services to manage business critical solutions

With the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks, IT security experts are in high demand. Keeping an internal security team together is difficult due to costs and high turnover rates.

It is also difficult to keep up with the constant training needed to stay ahead of ever-changing threats.

Using Blue Cube Security to help with the management of your platforms, you will no longer need to worry about all of that. You get access to a full team of security experts, with the latest training.  

Discover any weaknesses with Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning is an important step in hardening an organisation’s Cyber Security posture.

Under controlled conditions it will highlight vulnerabilities and enable them to be fixed before they are exploited.

By identifying vulnerabilities, predicting their likelihood and quantifying the possible impact, testing and scanning enables proactive management and the implementation of corrective measures which can be used to shape an organisation’s Cyber Security strategy.

Purchase Services in a more flexible, cost efficient manner with our Points Package

Are time and resource limitations affecting your business?

Do you have urgent requirements for project fixes or professional services?

Do you struggle with resourcing projects internally?

If so Blue Cube Security have introduced a point based system to allow you a privileged and prioritised access to our services and Pre-Sales Professionals.

Blue Cube Security’s Points Based Purchasing also increases the cost efficiency of the services you purchase.

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